Please share with us where you attended medical school.

I attended medical school at The University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, TX.


Please share with us where you completed your residency and how/why you chose that location.

I completed my residency at The University of Oklahoma in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I really enjoyed the program and chose it because I got along well with the faculty during my interviews.


Tell us more about how you came to choose the field of medicine.

I grew up around medicine, as my dad is an anesthesiologist, so I never considered another job. Medicine has been all I have known since I was young.


What about becoming a physician was attractive?

 I, like many others, wanted to become a physician to help and serve those in need.


How did you choose Emergency Medicine as your specialty?

Emergency medicine was the only rotation in medical school that felt natural and exciting to me. I initially thought about becoming a surgeon until I rotated through the ER and realized I felt more at home in the ER than in the OR.


What do you enjoy most about your day-to-day practice?

I enjoy that the day-to-day is largely unpredictable. You never know who or what will come through the ER, so you must always be on your toes.


What led you to practice with MEMA? How long have you been with MEMA?

I joined MEMA because it is a smaller local group that keeps decisions in the hands of the physicians. This means the group keeps medicine as the primary interest instead of business.


What are some of the biggest challenges of your practice for a clinician practicing in the emergency department?

One of the biggest challenges is constantly being ready for anything and everything. You must always keep your mind sharp and remember the rare diseases, even if you are unlikely ever to see them.


Who/what did you want to be as a child?

 I have always wanted to be a physician, but I never knew I wanted to become an ER physician until I was in medical school.


What about Charlotte excites you?

Charlotte is such a great city. It has everything, is close to everything, and has an airport that can get you anywhere. There’s always something happening, but it’s also close enough to the wilderness to escape everything.


Do you have any Hobbies, interests, or secret powers unique to you?

Most of my spare time is spent disc golfing, running, and hiking.