(CHARLOTTE, NC) – Through its partnership with Novant health, Mid-Atlantic Emergency Medical Associates (MEMA) has played an integral role in the safe execution of the Republican National Convention (RNC) being hosted here in Charlotte.

Through COVID testing and secondary screening of convention delegates, support security staff, National Guard, and secret service, MEMA is on the front lines providing onsite care during the convention.


“For months, we have been working on the most reasonable plan to mitigate the effects of COVID with the goal of the RNC’s meeting progressing in the safest way possible,” says Lisa Rentz, MD with MEMA and Novant Health’s Medical Director of Event Medicine.


Dr. Rentz participated in the COVID mitigation planning cell which involved emergency physicians with Novant and Atrium, public health, the RNC, emergency services, and the secret service. “My role has been helping to protect the health of our Charlotte community and concurrently, the health of those visiting the best way we know possible.”


The RNC’s presence in Charlotte includes a total of 336 delegates, six from each state and territory along with RNC staff, and secret service. While the formal nomination of President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence will take place at the Charlotte Convention Center on Monday, meetings will begin taking place over the weekend and starting on Friday.