Get to know MEMA Physician, Sarah Orlousky, MD, FACEP 

Why did you make the choice to attend Ohio State University College of Medicine and Public Health for medical school?

For me, OSU accomplished both my personal and academic goals in selecting a medical school to attend and where I would spend the next four years of my life.  I grew up near Cleveland, Ohio, and choosing a school close to my family and boyfriend (now husband) was important to me. OSU’s medical school was highly ranked in both education and research and when I went to tour the campus it felt like I belonged.


Why did you choose The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center for residency? 

During my tenure at OSU for medical school, I served as President of the Emergency Medicine Interest Group and was selected to participate in an ultrasound evidence-based medicine group. This, along with my fourth-year rotation in EM, provided me the opportunity to see first-hand the caliber of training I would receive if I matched at OSU. On Match Day when I opened my envelope, I was ecstatic when I learned I would be staying at OSU for residency.  OSU provided me with excellent training in a supportive environment where the faculty were true mentors. I stay in touch with many of the faulty and residents I trained with and now call them close friends.  It was also a bonus that we spent an away month working in Hawaii during our third year!


Tell us more about how you came to choose the field of medicine?

At age 11, the day before I was supposed to leave for summer camp, I ended up in the ER with an acute appendicitis.  The experience was life-changing and the genuine compassion and expertise of the physicians taking care of me left me with such a positive impression. I knew, even then, this was something I wanted to pursue.


What about becoming a physician was attractive?

For me, it is an honor to care for someone in their time of need and a true blessing.


How did you choose Emergency Medicine as your specialty?

During college, I worked as a nurse assistant in the ER and learned quite a bit. While I enjoyed all my rotations in medical school, I knew that emergency medicine was the best fit for me. I like and appreciate the teamwork it requires and the pace of the ER.


What do you enjoy most about your day to day practice?

Absolutely the colleagues and staff I work alongside of as well as those patients that challenge me to be a better provider.


What led you to practice with MEMA?

Charlotte has a lot of great opportunities for emergency medicine physicians, but MEMA stood out to me as the market leader in patient care and as an independent physician group. Our family had been looking to relocate to Charlotte, so when MEMA expanded to the new Mint Hill location, I was excited for this opportunity.


Are you a member of any associations, societies, or organizations?

I am a member of the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) and the Women’s Impact Fund, a women-led philanthropic organization dedicated to strengthening our community through education and engagement.


What about Charlotte excites you?

I love the open and welcoming nature of others here in Charlotte. Also, coming from Columbus, OH, I have to say the weather in Charlotte is generally amazing and I enjoy the blue, sunny skies!


What are your interests outside of work?

I love to travel and experience the different cultures and people wherever we go. I also enjoy spending time outside with my family playing tennis and trying to keep up with my two, very active sons. The creative side of me enjoys decorating our home and baking for friends and family.


Do you have any Hobbies, interests, secret powers that are unique to you?

I am a leap year baby!

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