Tell us about which medical school you attended and why it made the top of your list.    

I attended Vanderbilt for medical school which has an excellent reputation and is in an awesome city. Coincidentally, I was born in Nashville, so it was a bit of a homecoming for me.


Where did you complete your residency? 

I did my residency at Denver Health because I wanted a program that focused on clinical excellence. By seeing and participating, we saw a large volume of patients which attributed to a great residency experience. Being next door to the Rocky Mountains was also pretty enticing!


Tell us more about how you came to choose the field of medicine?

My parents are a physician and a nurse, so early on, I was exposed to the world of healthcare. It wasn’t until later in college that I decided to pursue this career path. I started medical prerequisites in my junior year and really enjoyed getting back to studying the sciences. From there, I never looked back.


What about becoming a physician was attractive?

The blend of scientific reasoning and application with compassionate human interaction has always been of interest to me.


How did you choose Emergency Medicine as your specialty?

Like others, I held an interest in pretty much everything in medical school. As I half-jokingly told my wife, “I don’t want to be the kind of doctor that isn’t ready or experienced when the airline asks if there is a physician on-board.” With emergency medicine, we have the experience to handle just about anything!


What do you enjoy most about your day to day practice?

I admire the collegial aspect of a well-run emergency department where the entire team works together to take excellent care of our patients. This everyday occurrence is something I do not take for granted.


What led you to practice with MEMA?

Growing up in Charlotte, I wanted to return to the city, to be close to family. MEMA had an opening and it was clear there is great work culture and a promising future, which made it a great fit.


Has there been one patient, staff member, or caregiver story that has stuck with you during your MEMA tenure?

Do you know the feeling when you walk into work and see a certain staff member that immediately puts a smile on your face? Because you know he/she is going to get things DONE – whatever the challenge? I am lucky to work with numerous teammates and professionals in the emergency department who have that effect on me every day.


What are some of the biggest challenges of your practice, for a clinician practicing in the emergency department?

Maintaining patient satisfaction, despite occasional long wait times, comes to mind. Luckily, I find most patients are extremely gracious and understanding of the challenges we face in the emergency department.


Another challenge is coordinating care and helping patients understand what problem needs to be addressed most immediately. In an era of specialization, where patients may have various healthcare providers already, as generalists, we must focus on a multitude of problems in the emergency room, identify what is the most pressing need, and address it in a timely manner.


Are you a member of any associations, societies, or organizations?

I am a member of the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) and the NC College of Emergency Physicians (NCCEP).


Have you received any awards or been recognized by your peers? If so, tell us about it!

One award, I am most proud of, is the Senior Teaching Award given to me as a fourth-year resident by the junior residents at Denver Health. I am incredibly grateful to the senior residents who took the time and energy to teach and serve as my role models early in my training. To be viewed as a role-model for others was very gratifying.


What about Charlotte excites you?

Being back in Charlotte, close to family and watching my son grow up alongside his cousins has been wonderful. Of course, one of the greatest things about Charlotte is the close proximity to the mountains and the beach. Also, Charlotte’s culinary scene has grown and offers excellent food—from a backyard barbecue to fine dining.


Do you have any hobbies, interests, secret powers that are unique to you?

I enjoy playing guitar (badly, I’ll admit) with a group of musicians better than myself. I like strategy games like backgammon. I also enjoy playing golf (also badly) and inevitably exploring the woods along each fairway.