Mid-Atlantic Emergency Medical Associates is pleased to announce that Dr. Stephen Small, FACEP, FAAEM was elected to the Carolina Complete Health Board of Directors. 

“Carolina Complete Health is honored to welcome Dr. Small to our Board of Directors,” said Chris Paterson, CEO of Carolina Complete Health. “Dr. Small’s appointment embodies our dedication to physician-led leadership and commitment to providing exceptional care to Medicaid beneficiaries. We look forward to his contributions as we continue to advance our mission of empowering healthier communities in North Carolina.”

Carolina Complete Health (CCH) is the only Provider-Led Entity (PLE) in North Carolina Medicaid Managed Care. CCH aims to deliver high-quality care for North Carolina communities, provided by the clinicians who work directly within them. “Being provider-led allows for the managed-care organization and the providers to be in alignment and to take care of patients in the best way possible,” says Dr. Small.  

“CCH’s board of directors is a physician-dominant board that oversees the operations of the health plan,” said Dr. Michael Utecht, Medical Director of CCH. “The board ensures that our goals are carried out: decreasing administrative burden for providers and ensuring that patients have access to the care they need.” 

Dr. Small’s expertise as an emergency physician will allow him to voice the unique concerns of his field within the board. “I can represent the interests of Medicaid patients in the emergency department since I have personal insight into their needs,” said Dr. Small. “I hope to add that voice to the conversation.” As a board member, Dr. Small aims to ensure that the issues facing North Carolina’s emergency departments are effectively communicated.

“MEMA is excited that Dr. Small was elected to the CCH Board of Directors,” says Dr. Tim Lietz, CEO of MEMA. “He has extensive board experience with our practice and the North Carolina College of Emergency Physicians. He will bring his expertise in medical practice financial management to the board at CCH which will benefit the patients and the medical practices of North Carolina.”

MEMA extends its congratulations to Dr. Small on this new position!