Presbyterian Healthcare Physician of the Year

Awarded May 7, 2007


Joshua D. Sarett, MD, Medical Director

Department of Emergency Medicine, Presbyterian Hospital Huntersville

The Presbyterian Healthcare Physician of the Year is based on the following criteria: The nomination provides evidence of support and collaboration with the Professional Practice Model of Nursing and Shared Governance and the nominee’s character exemplifies the Values of Presbyterian Healthcare, which are as follows:

Compassion – We treat customers as family members, with kindness, patience, empathy, and respect.

Personal Excellence – We strive to grow personally. Honesty and personal integrity guide all we do. We approach each service opportunity with a positive, flexible attitude.

Teamwork – We support one another and collaborate in our efforts to better serve our customers.

Diversity – We recognize that every person is different, each shaped by unique life experiences; this enables us to better understand one another and our customers.

Dr. Joshua D. Sarett, Medical Director, Department of Emergency Medicine at Presbyterian Hospital Huntersville was awarded Presbyterian Healthcare Physician of the Year based on the following nomination by Tracy B. Holshouser RN, BSN

Dr. Sarett is the Medical Director for the Emergency Department at Presbyterian Hospital Huntersville. Mid-Atlantic Emergency Associates has many gifted physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners but Dr. Sarett exemplifies the role of the emergency department physician which includes his collaboration with all other departments within the hospital with one goal in mind……“providing the best, quickest care for our patients”.

Dr. Sarett was instrumental in the opening of the Emergency Department on November 8, 2004 and he continues to be influential in the growth of our hospital and our department keeping quality care, customer satisfaction, best science, employee satisfaction, and financial vitality the driving forces. His dedication to our organization, our hospital, and to our Emergency Department is evident by his dedication to our team.

Dr. Sarett is collaborative in his practice. He has been a member of the Unit Practice Committee (now known and the Clinical Practice Council) since its inception. He is an active member with wonderful ideas and contributes to the work load. Dr. Sarett is active in many committees and here some examples of what he participates in: SPR Chest Pain Best Practice committee, PHH Chest Pain Accreditation Committee, PHH Emergency Department Leadership Team, the VHA Emergency Department Collaborative, and the VHA Team Effective Training team. Dr. Sarett is so dedicated to building a strong collaborative team that he became one of our team trainers in the VHA Team Effective Training. This required working with a core group to develop our program and then teaching the program to our team.

Dr. Sarett is an advocate for our patients and for our department. He is detailed focused, innovative, quality driven, and team focused. Dr. Sarett believes in evidence based practice and is constantly using data to guide our next move. He is keenly aware of our customer expectations and how to balance the need for quick expeditious care with quality care. He is also mindful of all staff / departments contributions to the patient’s outcome. It is easy to see his support and collaboration of the Professional Practice Model of Nursing and Shared Governance.

Dr. Sarett character does exemplify the Values of Presbyterian Healthcare.

Compassion: He treats all staff, customers with kindness, empathy and respect. This is demonstrated with the good care letters he has received, the staffs true enjoyment to work with him, and his dedication to investigate and resolve grievances that are received.

Personal Excellence: He truly wants us to be the best we can be as a department and a hospital. He does not take his role lightly as the Medical Director of our Emergency Department and leads by example. This is demonstrated by his focus on quality care, teamwork, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and vision for our future in healthcare.

Teamwork: He is a true believer in the team concept. He embraced VHA Team Effective Training by becoming a trainer and teaching this concept to our team.

Diversity: He is a rare individual that accepts each person for their gifts and celebrates what they bring to the team. He recognizes the opportunities of our team and works diligently to help us all succeed.

It is an extreme pleasure to work with Dr. Sarett in our department and I could not think of a better candidate for the Presbyterian Healthcare Physician of the Year Award.


Tracy B. Holshouser RN, BSN