(CHARLOTTE, NC) – March 2023. Mid-Atlantic Emergency Medical Associates (MEMA) has been awarded a Practice Wellness grant from the North Carolina Medical Society Employee Benefit Plan (NCMS plan), from the North Carolina Medical Society. The funding will go toward specific wellness initiatives to support clinicians with stress and burnout related to the Covid-19 pandemic and recovery.

“The NCMS plan stands out because it enables practices to create an integrated benefits plan with curated programs and services that benefit their individual practice,” said Chuck Chapa, Manager of Health Promotion and Well Being with Curi Insurance. “These grants will be put directly into expanding those desirable offerings that enhance the well-being of staff and physicians while addressing practice challenges.”

A Prescribed Plan for Practices

For physician practices, customization matters. Each practice has an organizational culture, business goals, challenges, and other needs to consider, and the NCMS plan is structured to meet groups where they most need help.

“Cookie-cutter wellness programs don’t work simply because they’re not designed to meet the distinctive needs of an individual physician group,” says Chapa. “Data enables us to drill down and understand what each practice needs – so we can take on the real challenges and find improvements for them.” This is where the plan’s new grants come in, providing funds for physician groups to add to existing programs or an additional program or vendor offering to their plan.

The grant offers an opportunity to support the emergency department – through programs such as peer support for physicians, behavioral health consulting, virtual care, addressing physician and staff turnover, and more.