CHARLESTON, SC (November 20, 2021) Sponsored by the College of Charleston Alumni Association, the School of Sciences and Mathematics, and the Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Medical Society, Aaron Blackshaw, MD was awarded the 2021 Pre-Medical Society’s Outstanding Service Award in Medicine. One of only six awards given during the annual Alumni Awards Gala, the award recognizes a College of Charleston Graduate whose practice of medicine, represents remarkable achievement, and who demonstrates an enduring commitment to the College and his or her community.

Dr. Blackshaw graduated from the College of Charleston and the Honors College in 2012, received his M.D. from the Medical University of South Carolina in 2016, and now serves the Charlotte community working with Mid-Atlantic Emergency Medical Associates (MEMA) in three area Novant hospitals. 

Dr. Blackshaw is the youngest recipient of this award in its history. After being on the frontline of the tragedy at Mother Emanuel church in Charleston, he also worked in the emergency room in Charlottesville, VA during the deadly white supremacist rally, and continues to work through the challenges of the current, global pandemic. These moments were recognized during the presentation of the award to Dr. Blackshaw. 

“Receiving this award is a true honor.” he says and shares, “The recognition from the College of Charleston Alumni Association is beyond meaningful and having the opportunity to thank those who have been with me up until this point, including my wife, family, and patients, is something I am grateful for.”  

The College of Charleston Alumni Association, an international organization of more than 95,000 graduates and former students of the College of Charleston has been in continuous operation since June 13, 1888. The purpose of the Association as expressed in its bylaws is “to manifest interest in, and to promote the welfare of, the College of Charleston.”