Please tell us which program you chose for your Physician Assistant studies. Why did this program make the top of your list?
I am a proud graduate of A.T. Still University in Mesa, Arizona. A.T. Still is known for its strong emphasis on skills, in addition to its clinical education, which was important to me since working as an ER PA was always my dream. While there, I served as the class president and Student Ambassador to the PA program. A huge plus was that I am from Arizona, so I was close to my family and friends during the rigors of PA school, and having that support was so valuable.

 Tell us more about how you came to choose the field of medicine.
To me, becoming a PA was not just a career decision; it was a decision I knew would fulfill a deeper sense of purpose within myself, which has always been an important concept to me. Ever since I can remember, I knew I wanted to “help people.” Medicine was always seemed a natural choice for me and quickly became my utmost passion.

What about becoming a PA was attractive?
I saw how PAs could provide excellent autonomous care to patients while working as an integral part of a team and working in different areas of medicine throughout their careers.

How did you choose Emergency Medicine as your specialty?
Following my undergrad at Arizona State University, I became a scribe in the Emergency Department with an ER group in Scottsdale. It was during this time; I knew Emergency Medicine was for me. EM providers are some of the only providers allowed to utilize the entirety of their medical training. It is a field that emphasizes quick thinking, a general affinity for procedures, and has incredible work/life balance.

What do you enjoy most about your day-to-day practice?
Going to work daily provides a challenge that keeps me both excited and humble. It is like reading a short story each day and not knowing how it ends. I love the unpredictability, the fast-paced environment, and the connections I make with the patients.

What led you to practice with MEMA?
When I decided to make the move to Charlotte from Florida, I did a quick online search and came across MEMA. It was exactly the type of group I was looking for, so I reached out, and not even 24 hours later, I had a phone call with John Murphy, who was so convincing! This led me to a Zoom meeting with several other members, including Beth McInnis and Dr. Laura Hays, and they all made me feel so comfortable. During the discussions, MEMA seemed very PA-supportive, which was (and is!) very important. I am SO glad all the stars aligned because I feel proud and humbled to work with this amazing group.

What are some of the biggest challenges of your practice for a clinician practicing in the emergency department?
While the unpredictability of the ER brings excitement, I think it can also create a stressful environment for some. Additionally, this job makes us see a lot of pain and tragedy, which can be emotionally taxing. To succeed in the ER, I believe you need the ability to take deep breaths and stay centered, no matter what is happening around you.

 Are you a member of any associations, societies, or organizations? Any leadership roles?
I am very involved with my PA school back in Arizona as a mentor, guest lecturer, and, starting next year, a preceptor. Additionally, I am an advisor for Alpha Phi sorority, where I mentor young collegiate women.

What about Charlotte excites you?
I absolutely love Charlotte! Fun fact: I was born in North Carolina, so it is crazy to come full circle and live here again. I think Charlotte offers a sense of big-city vibes with a lot of southern charm. I love the diverse culinary options, endless breweries, the ability to be outside year-round, and the fact that you can drive a short distance and be in a different and fun destination.

Do you have any Hobbies, interests, or secret powers that are unique to you?
I am fueled by travel, new experiences, and the moments I spend with family and friends. I am a huge Arizona Cardinals fan, love a good craft beer or red wine, and have a knack for being crafty. I am so grateful to live here in Charlotte with my incredible boyfriend and our dog, Mac, who always keeps us on our toes!